Late Start

Last season never really took off in the way I had hoped and this season has started very late. The season having finally started, has started very well. I’ve made a couple of trips to my local river so far and both have been full of excitement.

The local

I’ve been fishing Tenkara for many years now and this was my choice for the start of this season. My local river is perfect for this style of fly fishing, it’s not too over grown, of medium size and absolutely chock full of small trout.


Armed with a size 16 paradun I spent the afternoon of my first session hitting trout in every run, I fished around a mile of river and lost count of how many trout I saw.

Small river trout

Many of the fish wouldn’t have even reached half a pound but on a light Tenkara outfit they don’t have to be arm breakers to have fun. On my second visit to my local I started and finished a bit earlier in the day as I had an evening of video games planned with my son. Before heading off I tried a couple of blue dun imitations at the bench. This session was much the same as my previous day with a surprise at the end of it. Having fished my way through the runs and pools picking up plenty of trout I decided to fish some fast shallow riffles. I was happily surprised to catch two grayling in very shallow water and saddened that both times I lost them at the net, slippery little devils. It was still the highlight of a busy session.

I’ll be back on the river soon and I’m hoping this blog will be much busier from now on.

Grayling in the shallows

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